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Who is Amanda Govaert Konrath?

I’m a mom. I am helping raise 2 step kids and we are fostering a 17-year-old. I will advocate for our youth the same way I advocate for my children. We need to lift our youth up and listen to their needs.

I believe that the quietest voice in the room is no less important than the loudest. Every voice in our community is valuable. Each voice brings its own unique experiences, viewpoints, and ideas.

I will advocate for inclusion and diversity in our Police Department to ensure they are representative of the community they are patrolling, and take proactive steps to partner with citizens to identify and solve problems.

It’s a known fact that our infrastructure needs prompt attention. Our streets are crumbling and poorly lit. I will work with City Departments to ensure the 2nd District is adequately maintained, and not left out of improvement plans.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019 3:30 PM

Amanda Govaert Konrath releases Tenant Rights proposal

South_Bend_For_RentThe current South Bend Landlord-Tenants Rights program is a good start, but we need to go further. The current “Tenants Bill of Rights” leans heavily towards Landlords, but lays the burden at the feet of the renter. While everyone understands that Landlords pay property taxes, that alone does not grant them sovereignty over Tenants. Often landlords live outside of the city and do not spend their rental incomes in the city. So while the city does receive that property tax, they miss out on all the other revenue. Tenants make up that gap and should have an equal place at the table. Too often tenants are ignored and pushed aside when decisions are made regarding public policy. Housing is a communal resource and the rights of owners should not outweigh that of tenants. Tenants should have the right to a voice in legislative procedures and the implementation of laws.

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